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Someone is sabotaging the science fair! Several students in Mr. Phillips's science class at Einstein Academy had their projects ruined just days before the annual science fair was about to take place. Mr. Phillips offers a letter grade increase for the first-place winner, making his entire class suspects. Luckily, the school administrator Mrs. Garcia is stydying to be a Forensics Investigator.  She leads the investigation with help from the Principal, her professor and other classmates to get to the bottom of this heinous act. It’s up to your students to use their scientific knowledge to solve this crime and save the science fair. 

Take the learning further!

Free Guide to create your own
Evidence Board

An evidence board helps students visualize progress as they work through the evidence to determine who sabotaged the projects for the annual science fair!

This engaging, interactive, and project-oriented forensic science course is designed for grades six and seven students. Your students will become immersed in their roles as crime scene investigators as they work together analyzing evidence and solving the science fair mystery!

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Science Fair Mystery Evidence Board

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